Speaker Spotlight: Uri Jeremias

Legendary chef and proprietor of the famed Uri Buri restaurant in Acre, Northern Israel, Uri Jeremias is a well-known champion on Israeli hospitality. The combination of traditional fare with modern ingredients and methods in his award-winning restaurant has made him famous worldwide. In 2001, Uri Jeremias set eyes on an abandoned building from atop his restaurant, and decided to renovate it and convert it into a hotel. Through perseverance and a complex preservation and restoration work over a period of eight years he opened The Efendi Hotel, an exclusive boutique hotel offering a perfect blend of past, present, and future. 

Join Jeremias during the IHIS Keynote: Hospitality at the Crossroads of Culture & Innovation.

Q: What makes Uri Buri such an iconic restaurant in Israel?  

A: The basic rules of the restaurants are the secret to our success.
1. I cook for my friends and not for clients. This creates an atmosphere and guaranties on going quality.
2. I only serve dishes that I love to eat. 
3. All ingredients on the plate are contributing to the balance of taste, there are no flowers for decoration.
4. I always try to cook dishes that contains at most eight ingredients.
5. We are trying to avoid building a “building” on the plate.
6. Customers can return any dish without any obligation.
7. Formation of a loyal and efficient team. The average length of work of our employees is one of the highest in Israel
8. All our recipes are original and homemade.
9. There is a possibility to order half a portion of our menu.
10. Learning the properties and behavior of the raw material.
11. Perseverance and maintaining a high level.

Q: How do you juggle traditional and modern ingredients and methods? 

A: Novel dishes are originated from new insights or by exploring new raw material. For example Wasabi is more dominating than other flavors so in order to make it milder I made Wasabi Sorbet with Sashimi. This dish became the big hit of Uri Buri restaurant.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in running a successful restaurant? 

A: The major challenge in running a restaurant is the early stage of foundation including menu selection, staff recruitment, returning clientele, management culture and tradition establishment.
It is even more challenging to stay at the top and maintaining the same level even after 30 years of experience.

Q: How did you find going from restaurateur to hotelier?

A: In fact there was no real transition between the restaurant and hotel businesses. The restaurant business was always there and the hotel management is a new challenge.

Q: How would you define Israeli hospitality?

A: Each finds his joy in his own way.

Q: What would you recommend new visitors to Israel to do during their visit?

A: I recommend to all visitors to go out of the popular route (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat) and visit the periphery, for example Galil and the Negev including Arab Villages, in order to have a wider understanding of Israel.

Q: What are you looking forward to in participating to IHIS?

A: I’m looking forward to hearing and learning from colleagues and expanding my knowledge and networks.

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