A Vibrant Country Experiencing
Record Tourism Growth

Tourism interest continues to grow, and the numbers are here to prove it. In 2017, Israel reached an all-time record of 3.6 million visitors (up 25% from 2016) and in 2018 will welcome 4 million visitors, estimated to bring in NIS 20 billion in revenue.

2018 could not be a better time for domestic and international hotel investors and operators to discover the opportunities for expanding their interests in Israel. IHIS will be an excellent opportunity to accomplish this by providing focused content on investment opportunities and strategies for developers, investors, owners and operators in a tailored 2 day forum.

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"Israel is increasingly becoming an attraction for international hoteliers, operators, investors and developers, as the country’s growth in visitation, both from overseas and from within, continues to set new records.  Tel Aviv in particular has become a magnet for those seeking new experiences and is one of the ‘hot’ destinations in the world.  With 3,000 years of history and a year-round climate, Israel has also become a ‘hot’ destination for hotel investment and IHIS will enable the same, detailed spotlight to be shone on the opportunities which are now available there, and provide an important forum to help them come to fruition."

- Russell Kett, Chairman, HVS


A highly innovative country, due mainly to its high concentration of start-ups and booming technology sector, Israel has continued to record strong GDP growth and forecasts remain encouraging with projected annual growth for the next five years ranging between 2.8% and 4.5%.


With the influx of tourists travelling to Israel, occupancy rates push the maximum during peak season and it is becoming harder for tourists to find rooms. Hotels in resort markets like Eilat and the Dead Sea as well as hotels in city destinations like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem show that occupancy rates average 80% in October and 86% in June. 


The number of hotel rooms has grown, however the increase is not nearly enough to keep up with the demand, especially in peak season. In the next two years, some 4,000 extra hotel rooms are expected to come on line, a number almost equal to what was added over the last decade. 

"IHIS is an important event that can be used for promoting Israel with the vision of reaching further potential that has not yet been explored. The country is facing a positive turn around in all the tourism aspects and with the government approach, becoming a very attractive venue for development.

Investors need to be physically in place in order to see and feel the vast amount of opportunities and gaining the trust and confidence through direct contact.  The market is wide and varied and can be developed and increased.

This event will definitely create the opportunity to move forward."

- Ronnie Fortis, Country Manager, Hilton Hotels Israel